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Andrew Petcash, The Petcash Post

July 05, 2022 Andrew Petcash Season 1 Episode 20
Getting Off Course Podcast
Andrew Petcash, The Petcash Post
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Andrew is the founder of The Petcash Post, an email newsletter focusing on the business of athletes and sports. He played division 1 basketball at Boston University and is a great resource when it comes to understanding NIL deals. We talked about his popular newsletter, college basketball, and NIL.

Topics include:

  • How Andrew came up with the idea for The Petcash Post
  • Building a business through email
  • Having an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Choosing topics for the newsletter
  • Dealing with the pressure of the newsletter
  • Growing your subscriber base
  • Dealing with criticisms
  • Monetizing The Petcash Post
  • How Andrew ended up at Boston University
  • A D1 basketball player's schedule
  • Should college athletes get paid?
  • Do NIL deals solve the compensation problem?
  • The best ways to profit from NIL
  • Setting yourself up for NIL success

We started (and finished) with a 5 question lightning round.

This episode is presented by Chasing Aces and Par 3 Near Me.

The Petcash Post
Building a Business Through Email
Having an Entrepreneurial Spirit
Choosing Topics for The Petcash Post
Dealing with Pressure
Growing Your Subscriber Base
Dealing with Criticisms
Monetizing The Petcash Post
Rooting for the Pitt Panthers
How Andrew Ended Up at Boston University
A D1 Basketball Player's Schedule
Should College Athletes Get Paid?
Do NIL Deals Solve the Compensation Problem?
The Best Ways to Profit from NIL
Setting Yourself Up for NIL Success
Lightning Round