Getting Off Course Podcast

Lauren Stephenson, LPGA Golfer

May 10, 2022 Lauren Stephenson Season 1 Episode 16
Getting Off Course Podcast
Lauren Stephenson, LPGA Golfer
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Lauren is one of the top 100 female golfers in the world, and she was kind enough to offer a quick glimpse into the life of a professional golfer. In this episode, we talk day-to-day life, tournament preparation, sponsorships and more. Discussions include:

  • The work that goes into becoming a professional golfer
  • Moving to Dallas
  • Life on non-tournament weeks
  • Life on the days leading up to a tournament
  • Tournament questions
  • Overcoming bad rounds
  • Maintaining momentum during good rounds
  • The disparity in LPGA & PGA payouts
  • What Lauren does with tournament winnings
  • How sponsorships work

We ended our time together with a 10 question lightning round.

Did Lauren cry when the University of Alabama (her alma mater) lost to Georgia in college football national title game? You'll have to listen in to find out.

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Putting in the Work
Moving to Dallas
Life on Non-Tournament Days
Getting Ready for a Tournament
Tournament Questions
Overcoming Less-than-Ideal Rounds
Maintaining Momentum
LPGA & PGA Payout Disparity
Money and Sponsorship Questions
Lightning Round