Getting Off Course Podcast

Matt Ericksen, Cactus Golf Club

March 15, 2022 Matt Ericksen Season 1 Episode 12
Getting Off Course Podcast
Matt Ericksen, Cactus Golf Club
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Matt and a friend launched Cactus Golf Club, an online community that brings golfers together for game improvement and networking. Cactus Golf Club features exclusive monthly deals, fun giveaways, and drills and tips from golf instructors.

  • The difference between Indiana golf and Arizona (desert) golf
  • Golf accessories
  • The genesis of Cactus Golf Club
  • The case for joining Cactus Golf Club
  • Partnering with smaller golf brands
  • Partnering with golf instructors
  • Creating an online community
  • Future plans for the community

The episode featured not 1, but 2 lightning rounds!

I asked Matt which PGA Tour player he would like to trade places with. Who do you think he chose?

This episode is presented by Chasing Aces.

Lightning Round Warmup
The Best Part of Matt's Game
Areas for Improvement
Social Golf or Solo Golf?
Matt's Favorite Arizona Course
Desert Golf vs Indiana Golf
Matt's Worst Golf Purchase
Matt's Best Golf Purchase
The Vision for Cactus Golf Club
The Sales Pitch for Cactus Golf Club
Featured Deal from the Community
Choosing Brands to Partner With
Weekly Tips & Drills
Growing Cactus Golf Club
Lightning Round Wrap-up