Getting Off Course Podcast

Mike Wolf, Mini Tour Golfer

March 01, 2022 Mike Wolf Season 1 Episode 11
Getting Off Course Podcast
Mike Wolf, Mini Tour Golfer
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Michael Wolf is a former college golfer and a current mini tour competitor. The journey to playing golf at the highest levels is a challenging one. I ask Mike a ton of questions related to what it takes to be a professional golfer. Topics include:

  • How Mike got into golf
  • How someone becomes a professional golfer
  • Mike's daily schedule for life and practice
  • What practice looks like
  • Key terms: Mini tour events, Monday qualifiers, pro-ams
  • Choosing which events to compete in
  • Mike's favorite climate to play in
  • How the PGA uses its money
  • How Mike defines his success
  • Overcoming adversity in a round
  • A tournament story (or two)

We ended our time with a lightning round focusing on mini tour questions and Mike's hometown team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Does Mike think the Bengals will win a Super Bowl in the next 5 years? You'll have to listen in to find out.

This episode is presented by Par 3 Near Me.

How Mike Got Into Golf
College Golf Offers
Becoming a Professional Golfer
Mike's Daily Schedule
What Practice Looks Like
A Month in the Life of a Mini Tour Player
Defining Terms
Choosing Which Events to Play In
Mike's Preferred Climates for Competition
How the PGA Uses Its Money
Defining Success
Overcoming Adversity in a Round
Areas to Improve
A Tournament Story (or Two)
Lightning Round